Alien Abduction Thriller Dark Skies Fills Out Cast

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

The upcoming alien invasion story/supernatural thriller Dark Skies is slated to begin production later on this summer. In reality, it isn’t much later since August 3rd is the projected start date. In preparation for the cameras to roll, the film is filling out the cast. Josh Hamilton (The Bourne Identity, Kicking and Screaming) has signed on to play the male lead.

Josh Hamilton joins the cast of Dark Skies

Hamilton will star opposite Keri Russell (Felicity), young actor Dakota Goyo (Thor, Real Steel), and Daniel Barrett.

Jason Blum and his Blumhouse Productions and Alliance Films are producing the film with Dimension. Blumhouse has a knack for taking low to no budget genre films and turning them into serious money-makers, like the Paranormal Activity movies, and Insidious.

Dark Skies definitely fits this bill. There are names and faces you recognize, but not super stars that will cost the production an exorbitant amount of money. The biggest name attached to this movie is director Scott Charles Stewart. Not that he is a household name, but the Priest and Legion director is more accustomed to large-scale, effects-heavy productions.

The story of Dark Skies revolves around a suburban six-year-old boy who has been “marked” for future abduction by aliens that are currently living among us. A self-proclaimed “psychological thriller,” the film touches on themes of child abuse, as the child’s parents, increasingly removed from their friend and neighbors, have no choice but to stand up and kick some alien ass in order to save their son.

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