First Look At Alice Even In Star Trek Sequel Costume, Penguin Grays Return?

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

A photo showing off Alice Even on the set of the next Star Trek movie has started circulating. She appears to be in costume and this is the first visual evidence we’ve had, at all, that she’s in the movie. It’s particularly interesting since we don’t even know what character she’ll be playing. The photo seems to suggest, however, that she’ll be in Starfleet. Take a look…

Alice Eve and Zachary Quinto pose with food truck owner.

The image comes from the Facebook page of the dessert truck owner. Eve and Quinto are clearly in costume still, though Alice’s top has been pulled down to her waist. Except, well, it’s not the Starfleet uniforms we’re used to at all. The blue patches on Quinto’s uniform are there to indicate he’s a science officer, but otherwise these are pretty bland jumpsuits. They look like even more awful versions of the already awful “penguin gray” uniforms used in Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Kirk suited up in his Penguin Grays for TMP.

Hopefully these are just alternative uniforms and not replacements for the far superior, more brightly colored classic uniforms from the previous movie. We know the colorful uniforms will be in the movie, at least some, since they have appeared in other set photos. The fact that Eve is wearing one of these, though, does at least suggest she’s in Starfleet. Maybe even a member of the Enterprise crew. Previous reports have indicated that Alice is playing a brand new character, so don’t bother speculating that she’s actually playing Yeoman Janice Rand (though come on, she’d be perfect for it).