Alice Eve’s Star Trek Into Darkness Character Identified, And Klingons Confirmed

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

Just when you thought this morning’s new Star Trek Into Darkness had spurred enough new speculation to keep us going for the rest of the week, now we’ve got a major new bit of information, this time about who Alice Eve is playing. Her identity might or might not suggest who Cumberbatch is playing, but needless to say…


There’s a press event for Star Trek Into Darkness going down this evening, and tweets from reporters in attendance have answered one major question about the Trek sequel. Alice Eve, pictured above, is apparently playing Carol Marcus, the woman who was the mother of Kirk’s son, David, in the earlier Trek films. What does this mean for Into Darkness, and with regards to Cumberbatch’s role?

The news that she’s playing a character best known from The Wrath of Khan will likely be touted as proof by the “Cumberbatch is Khan” camp, but I’m still very dubious. At the very least, if he is Khan, then the Abrams-verse Khan will be a very different character. For one thing, he’s appearing much earlier in the career of Kirk and the Enterprise crew. And he’s become a lot more, well, British. And as for Eve playing Carol Marcus, we can probably assume Kirk won’t have knocked her up with a kid yet, much less a now-grown kid. It does seem likely that she’s being positioned as a romantic interest for Kirk in this film and the likely sequels. In fact, adding her to the new canon in this film could be setting the stage for Abrams’ version of Khan on down the line, assuming they want to go in that direction. And assuming Cumberbatch isn’t playing him in Into Darkness, which I still don’t think he is.

Of course, many had previously pointed out that Eve’s character bore a striking resemblance to Dr. Dehner from “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” the episode that introduced the psychic Gary Mitchell. Honestly, at this point I’m convinced Abrams is just messing with our heads for the hell of it.

Thankfully, the Trek tweets have also shared some much more concrete information, this time regarding one of the franchise’s most iconic species. Coming Soon writer Silas Lesnick revealed that Klingons will be appearing in Into Darkness, as will the Klingon home world of Quo’nos.





From what he’s saying, I’m guessing the planet with the giant yellow window in the background, where Cumberbatch is shown fighting what appear to be Klingons, is likely taking place on Quo’nos. Check it out below.

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