Alice Contemplates A Jaunt With A Time Lord

By Brent McKnight | 10 years ago

Here’s a fun little piece of sci-fi fan art. Seems one enterprising Doctor Who fan decided to bring together their favorite time-and-space-travelling alien and a certain precocious little girl who has magical adventures with a variety of fantastic creatures.

This “TARDIS in Wonderland” image comes from When-in-Doubt-Call-the-Doctor, and while the two wonderful properties have little to connect them on the surface, they do share certain key thematic elements.

While the Doctor may not fall down a literal rabbit hole like Alice, the TARDIS is definitely a metaphorical sibling. Both serve to take their users on magnificent and otherwise implausible adventures.

On his jaunts and journeys through the eons and around space, the good Doctor, much like Alice, encounters his own collection of bizarre and fanciful creatures. Sure, there are some key differences between the two, but he bumps into some mischievous scamps similar in countenance to the widely grinning Cheshire Cat, and he also has run-ins with more sinister beings are akin to the Red Queen and her ilk.

In this picture you can almost hear the Cheshire Cat, that shit-eating grin on his face, trying to tempt young Alice into the TARDIS. Impetuous as she is, you can imagine that in a moment or two she’ll take the bait, and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland will take an entirely new, heretofore unforeseen, turn. Maybe Lewis Carroll intended that to be the next book after Through the Looking Glass: Alice’s Adventures Through Space and Time. That would be one hell of a mash-up.