Alex Garland Wants To Expand The World Of Judge Dredd To TV

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

With the release of Dredd 3D only a few weeks away, screenwriter Alex Garland (28 Days Later, Sunshine) is already talking about a new trilogy series featuring Judge Dredd and the world of the Cursed Earth. Garland also talks about possibly adapting Dredd for a cable TV series and cites how American cable TV has changed narrative dramatic storytelling for the better.

Garland took part in a special Q&A on the 2000 A. D. Online fan forum where he expressed his interest in exploring the deeper world of Dredd. He also discussed wanting to highlight the Dark Judges of the British comic book series, and if he had the chance, he would re-write the script for Dredd to focus more on these zombie-like law keepers. Garland explained:

If I was involved in a second movie, it would be about origins and subversion, and Chopper would feature. In fact, I think Chopper would start and end the story. Apart from him, my rough plan involves Fargo, Giant, Angel Gang, and a version of Satanus. For a trilogy, add Cal and the Dark Judges. And Anderson would be in all three. But… just to be clear, this is hugely speculative and also unlikely, for any number of reasons… There are some variables which would rule me out [of any sequel] immediately.

I think I’d try to make [the Dark Judges] really scary. Not play them for laughs. Just make them totally malevolent and lethal. And use practical effects where possible, except for Fire, which would be an on-set nightmare.

The existential side to the Dark Judges is that they don’t see a point to life. If my film-trilogy daydream was to play out, I would completely rewrite my original script for the Dark Judges – because it was junk – and start again.

If there is a sequel, I’m imagining spending about half the movie in the Cursed Earth, and I would try to come up with some new faces as well as some old ones… I quite like the idea of Satanus. But much more mutated.

But by the way, just so it has been said, I actually think that maybe the best way forward for Dredd is television. American TV has completely rewritten the rule book where filmed drama is concerned. Game Of Thrones/The Wire/Breaking Bad… An equivalent version of Dredd would be fucking great. Imagine the epics…

The character of Chopper is a Mega-City One teenager whose real name is Marlon Shakespeare. He takes up the alias when he becomes an infamous Mega-City One wall scrawler or graffiti artist. Chopper’s wall scrawls become ubiquitous around the city that he ultimately becomes King Scrawler of Mega-City One. He is a recurring character in the comic book series as he sometimes encounters Judge Dredd.

This wasn’t the first time Garland spoke at length about expanding the world of Judge Dredd on the big screen. At this year’s London Film and Comic-Con Festival, the screenwriter touched upon taking Judge Dredd out of Mega-City One into the Cursed Earth.

As for the film’s lead Karl Urban, he said in an interview, he’d be game to do a sequel for Dredd. He continued by stating how proud he was of the overall film and hopes fans of 2000 A.D. will love the movie just as much as they love the comic book series.

Dredd opens in theaters across the US on September 21st in 3D.

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