New Additions To NBC’s Upcoming Beautiful Robots TV Series Reveal Plot Details

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

A few weeks ago here we told you about NBC’s plans to produce a prime time soap opera involving robots. It’s called Beautiful People and now they’ve taken the next step forward and started casting it.

Deadline says British actor James Murray (last see on Chase) and Patrick Heusinger (last seen on Royal Pains) have been hired to join the cast.

The plot of Beautiful People involves a near future where human-like robots, called Mechanicals, have become a reality. Murray will play an attorney who is also the son of a woman who’s dead husband once ran a company that made Mechanicals. Though rich and privileged he stands up for Mechanical civil rights. Heusinger will actually play one of the robot servants. His Mechanical is deemed defective when he begins experiencing grief after one of his daughters dies in a car accident.

How can robots have daughters? Will anyone actually want to watch a weekly soap opera about robot rights? We’ll find out.