Adam Warrock Rap Makes Fans Miss Battlestar Galactica (But Not Baltar)

By Joelle Renstrom | 7 years ago

I’m in the wrong profession. Why didn’t anyone tell me I could achieve fortune and glory by rapping about the geeky TV shows I love? My first one would have to be about John Sheridan, commander of Babylon 5. I’ve had a crush on him for almost a decade — rapping about him just might make him forget about annoying Delenn for a few minutes.

…but back to raps that actually exist.

Adam Warrock (or should I say WarRock?), infamous masher-upper of pop culture, geekdom, and “overly enthusiastic” hip hop, has rapped about a lot of his favorite things over the years. He’s currently running a donation drive on his website, where he’s recently uploaded his Battlestar Galacticathemed Mixtape EP “Feel Human” and released a video for the EP’s title track, “Galactica.”

Adam Warrock BSG

This is Galactica, our home away from home
Across the stars is where we’ll roam
We are the hope for humanity.

Having recently viewed the whole series for the first time, Warrock felt compelled to rap the gamut of feelings he had had while watching: “I laughed. I cried. I was insanely frustrated by a lot of the show.” So say we all.

The EP’s songs are:

  • Home (Introduction)
  • Galactica
  • The Twelve
  • New Caprica
  • Earth
  • So Say We All
  • Big Adama

He loves it when you call him Big Adama!

Warrock raps with a mix of seriousness and humor — his actual presentation is that of a legitimate rapper, but his lyrics often poke fun at characters and situations fans have been chiding in chat rooms and around water coolers.

Ask the Cag ask the XO ask the crew down below
How they feel when their enemy doesn’t sleep
When they aren’t even alive
When they don’t feel a thing with that red glowing eye

And, of course:

Doctor Baltar, he acts a little weird
But is mind is too valuable and so we need him here.

So that’s why he stuck around?

During his Game of Thrones week, Warrock released a rap each day, each focusing on specific character. Check out his Kingslayer rap for Jaime Lannister.

He’s got one for Hodor too. Hodor!

On his website, fans can download his West Coast Avengers Mixtape, his X-Men rap “Watch the Throne,” or his Parks and Recreation EP.

Warrock says his geekiness used to get him teased and bullied as a kid. Look who’s got the last laugh rap now!

Nerd or geek, just a bunch of kids making some free
Music to get you through the end of the week
Now it’s cool to wear a tshirt at comic-con
And it’s cool to laugh at kids that’s so different from me.

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