Adam Baldwin On The Chances Of Firefly’s Return

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago


The story remains the same. Firefly is still a cancelled cult show that has no solid plans of coming back to fans in any way, shape, or form. But the rumors persist, voiced by Joss Whedon himself as much as anyone else. His recent round of fantasy-building concerned his desire to return to that universe, possibly once he’s finished with The Avengers sequel and an as-yet-unknown smaller project.

Rather than ask millions of random Internet users what they think about that — since they’ll gladly let everyone know anyway — MTV spoke with resident badass Adam “Jayne Cobb” Baldwin about how he feels about a return to Firefly. “I don’t know if he’s [Whedon] just dangling a carrot out there for fun,” Baldwin says. “I mean I know he truly believes that there are so many hurdles that seem insurmountable at this point, but it’s fun to dream.”

But that doesn’t mean Baldwin would stay away. “I think we would all jump at the chance to redo it,” he says. And then the most damning question of all: “How would one unkill Wash?” We don’t, Adam, because it was all a dream! Right, everyone? I’m pretty sure every Whedonite out there would accept this explanation so long as Alan Tudyk got to return to the show. Because, as this fan’s super-theory sees it, there’s no way Wash survived.

Baldwin fans should stay excited, though, as he recently finished shooting a TNT pilot called The Last Ship, based on a William Brinkley novel and produced by Michael Bay. As Baldwin himself puts it, “It’s a post-apocalyptic story of a Navy ship that is sent on a mission, only to return to find that many people have been wiped out by a weaponized virus.” It definitely sounds like something I’d tune into, and Baldwin’s track record is pretty solid in terms of quality viewing, so let’s hope this tides us over until the “ch-chck” of Jayne’s revolver rouses us from our TNT-induced fugue state.

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