First Look At Ada Wong In Resident Evil: Retribution

By Josh Tyler | Published

The next Resident Evil movie is well underway and Milla Jovovich is on set filming as Alice. She’s also tweeting pictures of what the production’s up to, her husband is the movie’s director after all, and that means her Twitter account is always full of juicy little Retribution tidbits.

The latest from Milla is our first look at what they’re doing with the character of Ada Wong. She’ll be knew to the Resident Evil movie universe, but fans of the game universe should already know her well. Ada’s a mysterious Chinese secret agent in a red dress, and she’s involved in the world of corporate intrigue that the evil Umbrella Corporation swims in.

In the movie Ada Wong will be played by Bingbing Li, and the photo Milla tweeted of her is this:

Bingbing Lai

That’s not her in actual costume, don’t worry she’ll have the red dress on. But it is a look at Bingbing Li with the full on Ava Wong hairdo, and… it looks pretty good. Here’s Ada as she looked in the game:

Ada Wong

But here’s what we Resident Evil fans really want… stuff blowing up.