Action Packed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer Introduces Batman Voice

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

Paramount has gone through a lot of public backlash for Jonathan Liebesman’s upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, from Michael Bay’s executive producing duties to a delayed release to screenplay troubles that were quite literally out of this world. But the biggest concerns fans big and small have had with the foursome are their awkward CGI appearances. So it makes perfect sense that Paramount’s latest marketing effort called on people to tweet their favorite Turtle to eventually unlock these four new character posters, as well as an action packed new trailer.

Mind you, I did shoot a tweet out for Donatello, the last poster to be revealed—smart guys get it rough for Internet polls—but I essentially had to put forth an effort to receive something (a clear shot of these non-turtlish mutants) that I’m not all that interested in. It’s like going out on a date with a girl I don’t like just because I don’t want to see what her kitchen looks like. It’s not in my interest as a short-term goal. BUT…as soon as all of the posters were unlocked, the studio released a brand spanking new trailer.

And that’s what I’m interested in, really. If I’m going to swallow my pride and get fully into promoting this flick, I need to get used to seeing these guys in action more, and action is definitely the order of the day. Reaction is still going to be mixed, but this is better than most of what we’ve seen so far. At least we know the Foot Clan will be involved, and the sense of humor is pretty standard Turtle fare. That “Batman voice” gag is what you expect, and want, out of TMNT, now if only we can get one good “head pops down into shell to avoid a swinging weapon” gag I’ll consider it a success.

If you already had concerns about Shredder, this footage won’t ease your fears at all. I really like William Fichtner as an actor, but he’ll need to prove himself as a formerly Japanese evil badass who also apparently has something to do with creating the Turtles. He looks less like a vicious martial artist and more like a guy in a robot suit, which is disappointing.

teenage mutant ninja turtlesMichelangelo looks like Godzilla in the poster on top, with the sun playing off of his orange bandanna and all-around sunshiney attitude. Take a look at the Raphael poster below, in which it totally looks like he’s using his sai to flip off the city beneath his feet, which is TOTALLY LIKE Raph.

teenage mutant ninja turtlesAnd now there’s Leonardo, who may or may not still be the unofficial leader. He’s just standing around in some snow, because revenge against the Shredder is best served cold?

teenage mutant ninja turtlesAlso starring Megan Fox and Will Arnett, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bursts from the sewer (or whatever new habitat they have now) and into theaters on August 8.