ABC’s Resurrection Returns With A New Poster

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

ResurrectionLosing a loved one is a horrible thing to endure. No wonder so much horror and sci-fi has revolved around various ways that the dead can defeat death and return from the grave. Zombies, vampires, Frankensteins, android versions of dead children, you name it, it’s probably been done in some capacity. ABC’s upcoming hour-long drama, Resurrection, follows this well-worn path, telling the story of a small town where the dead come back to life, as if no time has passed and nothing has happened, and the spring replacement show has a new poster.

This poster, which debuted at The Hollywood Reporter, asks the question, “What if someone you lost, returned?” That is certainly the situation faced by the residents of the small town of Arcadia, Missouri. When an eight-year-old boy named Jacob, who, it may interest you to know, drowned 30 years ago, wakes up in a Chinese rice paddy, this is just the beginning of a strange series of events for the community. After immigration returns Jacob to Arcadia, the local sheriff, a man who lost his wife trying to save the boy all those years ago, digs deeper into the mystery that has presented itself.

Looking at this image, it’s easy to see past he sci-fi and fantasy elements of the series. This is just a mother holding her son close to her, right? But you can’t help but notice the look in that kid’s eye. There’s something off, something very, very sinister about that creepy glare. Whatever it is that is giving the town back those they’ve lost, may not be entirely benevolent. We’ve all seen Pet Semetery, nothing returns exactly as it was, and nothing returns without demanding something. There’s a cost to be paid.

It will be interesting to see if Resurrection finds an audience when it premieres Sunday, March 9. The series has been in development for a while, originally getting picked up in May, 2013. Beyond that, mid-season replacements are always a hit and miss proposition, often just filler for shows that didn’t make the cut, or the dumping ground for series that a network ordered but wasn’t as good as they hoped. Better to get some use out of it rather than let it sit. Then again, with the success of Under the Dome, which premiered late in the season, and the fact that CBS has scheduled it’s star-driven sci-fi thriller Extant for a similar release, maybe that’s an outdated way of thinking about late-season replacements.

Still, Resurrection is going to have some tough competition to contend with. Sunday nights are already stacked with critically acclaimed and hugely popular shows, and NBC is adding their J.J. Abrams and Alfonso Cuaron-produced Believe to the mix the same time as Resurrection is slated to drop. That’s tough, but by no means impossible.

Resurrection stars Omar Epps, Matt Craven, Frances Fisher, Devin Kelley, Samaire Armstrong, Mark Hildreth, Landon Gimenez, Sam Hazeldine, and Kurtwood Smith.