ABC Asks Viewers To Help Name Their New Adventure Series

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

As Old Willy Shakes once asked, “What’s in a name?” And while a rose might indeed smell just as nifty if we called it, say, a Vomit Tulip, there’d probably be a lot fewer people willing to get close enough to sniff. In the world of marketing and advertising, you see, there’s quite a lot in a name. Consider the case of Disney’s John Carter: while that movie had the deck stacked against it from the get-go, dropping the “of Mars” from the title left unfamiliar moviegoers with a string of bad commercials and a generic dude name that told them absolutely nothing about why they should care. Now ABC (perhaps not coincidentally part of the same corporate family as Disney) is turning to fans for help in naming one of their new shows. The choices they’re offered up: Dark Horse, The Chosen, or The One.

They posed the question via the Facebook page for their departed V series, which seems an odd choice. Presumably they’re also posing the question elsewhere…at least one would hope so, because many of the comments from readers are less concerned with naming the new show and more with haranguing ABC for canceling V. Nobody could have seen that one coming…

ABC also isn’t giving those readers who want to participate much to work with, either. The only info the page provides about this new, unnamed show is this: “An Astrophysics student holds the key to unraveling one of mankind’s darkest conspiracies.” Not exactly enough information to really get a feel for the show, certainly not enough to make an informed decision as to which title would work best. It also doesn’t help that two of the potential titles are so generic and forgettable that I will have already forgotten them by the time I finish typing this sentence.

Thankfully, a bit of quick snooping about turns up some more information about Dark Horse, or…err…whatever those other two options were. Here’s the full synopsis from ABC’s press release about the show, which paints a picture of political secrets, byzantine conspiracies, and a dude getting struck by a bolt of lightning. It should also be noted that the show is listed as Dark Horse in most of the news I can find about it, suggesting ABC already has a favorite in this race…

He thought his future was in an astrophysics lab. His true calling lies somewhere closer to the White House. During a rainy rugby game, undergrad Carter Henderson (Max Thieriot — Foreverland) is struck by a powerful bolt of lightning. At precisely the same moment thousands of miles away, Carter’s father, a man he barely knew, is killed while trying to assassinate New York Senator Teras (Linus Roache — Law and Order). Carter will soon discover these two bizarre events are linked in an unimaginable and terrifying way. En route to the funeral, Carter is detained by FBI Agent Meyers (Monique Curnen — The Dark Knight). She wants to know why his dad, a respected neurosurgeon, would attempt to kill a charismatic and influential politician who’s in line to become the next President of the United States. Good Question. Carter has no idea what the answer is, but he is determined to find out. Now, Carter’s search to learn more about his father will take some dangerous and surprising turns, and ultimately lead him to Mr. Armin (Martin Landau) who represents a secret organization made up of the world’s most powerful minds. Their purpose is to unravel one of mankind’s darkest conspiracies, and figure out who’s pulling the strings behind a plot for power that goes all the way to the Presidency. With the help of his girlfriend Wynter-Lee (Gabriella Wilde), and a beautiful young religious art historian (Yaya DaCosta — Tron: Legacy), Carter uncovers some startling family secrets and learns that his father died in an attempt not just to protect him, but to save all of humanity. From executive producers Roland Emmerich (2012, The Day After Tomorrow, 10,000 BC, Independence Day) and Mark Gordon (Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds) comes this exhilarating thriller that combines chilling mythology, political intrigue, and heart-stopping adventure.


Header image by Mark Coldren.

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