7 Sci-Fi Themed Halloween Costumes You May Want To Avoid

By Brent McKnight | 5 years ago

Effie TrinketEffie Trinket

Similar to the astronaut, dressing up like this Hunger Games character, with her frilly, expansive outfits, could lead to some logistical problems in crowd situations and public gatherings. You’ll likely poke someone’s eye with stray feather or bamboo shoot or some other ridiculous thing. And as elaborate as all of her ensembles are, if you haven’t started on this one by now, you’re probably not going to be able to knock one out by Halloween unless you already have one laying around for some reason. Even if that’s the case, you don’t want to be the one recycling costumes.


If you pull this off, dressing up like one of the scariest movie monsters of all time can be a great option. But this is another difficult, elaborate costume that takes a great deal of time, patience, and skill to do right. And it’s not going to be appropriate in every setting. Going out for the night, sure, by all means, do this one up, but if you’re staying at home, handing out candy to children, maybe go another route besides terrifying local kids. You’re only going to give them nightmares, which disgruntled parents are then going to have to deal with, and as a general rule, it’s never a good idea to piss off your neighbors. Unless you don’t like them, then by all means, terrify away.

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