7 Minutes Of What Just Might Be The Next Big Sci-Fi Videogame Property

By Brian Williams | Published

What do you get when you cross Total Recall with Assassin’s Creed? You get a mind blowing concept for a game that blends platforming, stealth, action and memory editing. Just 7 minutes of game play footage from Remember Me will leave you wanting more of this title that just debuted at Gamescom 2012. The first 3 minutes may look like the type of stealth platforming we’ve all seen before, but after that Remember Me shows that it really can pull off something worth remembering.

As you can see in the video, Remember Me will allow you to go into another person’s memories and the selectively edit their surroundings to set up a plausible chain of events and in essence overwrite their real memory. The fact that you will not just willy-nilly rewrite a person’s actions but kind of finesse a plausible course of events into existence is what makes this game so tantalizing. Throw in a neat cyberpunk setting and you have something that is definitely unique.

From the full trailer of the game, also released at Gamescom, it looks like Remember Me will revolve around a memory editor/assassin in a futuristic version of Paris, who finds out that her own memories have been edited and tries to discover why. That’s not just a cool sci-fi idea for a video game, that’s a genuinely cool idea, even if it is totally derivative of Total Recall. If the story and game play hold up to what you can see in the demo, then there is no doubt that this will end up joining the likes of Mass Effect, Assassin’s Creed, Dead Space, and Halo in the pantheon of big sci-fi video game IPs. Here’s a look at the trailer…