6 Reasons Star Trek: Voyager Never Really Worked

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Lowest Ranked Supporting Characters Are The Most Interesting
And now we’re coming to the root of the problem. The thing is, Voyager’s most interesting characters are the ones they haven’t put in charge of anything. The Captain’s a bleeding heart, borderline incompetent, the first officer is probably high, and their chief engineer is a space faring Debbie Downer. The rest of the bridge crew isn’t much better. Garret Wang’s Ensign Kim eventually turns into a passably interesting member of the ensemble, but Tom Paris’s receding hairline isn’t very convincing as some sort of devil-may care bad boy. Plus, Paris is romantically interested in B’Elanna Torres, so something is clearly wrong with this guy. I’m not even sure the ship’s security officer Tuvok, despite the pointed ears, is actually a Vulcan.

The show’s best characters are a holographic Doctor who spends most of his time confined to sickbay and probably isn’t real anyway, an alien explorer who they’ve decided to stick behind a stove in their kitchen, and a recently liberated, super-hot Borg who spends all her time standing around in a cargo bay or sitting in front of a map somewhere in the bowels of the ship. The show of course, realized how great those characters were quickly, resulting in a steady diet of episodes centered around The Doctor, Neelix, and later on Seven of Nine. But since they aren’t really in charge of anything, it’s kind of hard to keep inventing excuses for the ship’s cook to go on away missions.

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