6 Reasons Star Trek: Voyager Never Really Worked

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Janeway Should Have Been A Fem Captain Kirk, Not A Fem Captain Picard
In a recent interview Kate Mulgrew, who played Captain Katherine Janeway on Star Trek: Voyager admitted that she never really gave the role her all. It wasn’t that she was disinterested, but her home life was in turmoil, and according to the actress she was struggling to find a balance between raising a family and having a career. But Kate Mulgrew wasn’t the problem. It’s the character they came up with for her to play, that never worked. In creating Star Trek’s first female Captain it seems clear that Voyager’s producers went out looking for a female Picard, when what they should have done is cast a female Captain Kirk.

Picard worked so brilliantly because he subverted the traditional, Captain Kirk, alpha male stereotype. But a female Picard, well she mostly plays into them. What they needed was a take charge, dynamic female Captain, what they gave us was a moralizing, overly-liberal pushover all too willing to throw her crew’s life away for no reason at all if it made her seem superior and at least as interested in prancing around in frilly dresses on the holodeck as she is in leading her crew. Janeway had her moments, and Mulgrew’s performance was passable, but the entire idea behind the kind of Captain Star Trek: Voyager was saddled with, was simply wrongheaded from the start. It’s not Mulgrew’s fault, it’s not even really most of the writers’ fault. They were stuck with a really bad idea, a bad idea which was unfortunately the most central character on the show, and no one ever really figured out a way to do anything good with her.

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