5 Things The Walking Dead Season 5 Needs To Do Over The Next 8 Episodes

By Brent McKnight | 5 years ago


New Villain

In the wake of that last tragic death, the group has some serious emotional baggage to deal with. They look beaten and broken and desperate as they try to cope with yet another loss. Is this the one that finally breaks them? Maybe, but while that is going to form an important piece of the upcoming episodes, there needs to be some external struggle as well, something beyond just the zombies lurking out there, ready to tear into their living flesh.

One way to accomplish this is to introduce a new antagonist. People have speculated that the folks from Terminus could come back, while others suspect Neegan could be on his way—though it’s a bit early in the narrative for him to show up it’s possible. Another option is Morgan. Like we said, he was losing his grip and we don’t know what his plans are. He certainly cuts an intimidating figure, and could very well serve this purpose for a time. It would also provide a tough emotional situation for Rick to deal with.

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