Five Great Sci-Fi Flicks Coming To Netflix In February

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RoboCop (February 21)
Dead or alive, you’re going to watch RoboCop. José Padilha’s modernized reboot of Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 hyper-violent classic isn’t a perfect movie by any means, relying a little too hard on CGI to fill its watered-down action sequences. But clumsy effects aside, the core story of OmniCorp and their plans to revitalize the police force was an intriguing one, and Joel Kinnaman’s performance as the doomed Alex Murphy is allowed to breath a little more. And you can literally see that breathing happening in the film’s most amazing scene. I wouldn’t mind seeing where a sequel would go, so long as the writer and director learn from the first film’s mistakes.

Here’s hoping Netflix has more planned that they aren’t cluing us in on yet.

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