The 5 Best Teen Time Travel Movies

By Brent McKnight | 2 years ago

Nurays-Favorite-Summer-Movies-Terminator-2-Judgement-DayTerminator 2: Judgment Day

Easily the most badass installment on this list, Edward Furlong’s young John Connor in Terminator 2 also has the distinction of being the biggest criminal among the protagonists of these particular films. He’s way more adept than the others at doing things like ripping off ATM machines, and when you add his very own futuristic killing machine into the mix, that’s the making of a very good time indeed. Making the titular robotic assassin, who is so cold and terrifying in the first film, the good guy, took some stones on the part of James Cameron, but the results obviously speak for themselves. Instead of trying to destroy the future, this unlikeliest of duos embarks on a quest to save the human race, and just for the heck of it, they bring John’s mom along for the ride.

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