After 45 Years It’s Time Women Embraced Star Trek, Starting With These 5 Episodes

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GLAAD Friendly in Deep Space Nine’s Rejoined

Here’s something for the more politically active, liberal minded woman in your life. I was tempted to put “Crossover” here, in which the DS9 crew goes to a mirror universe where Kira is a bisexual overlord and Sisko is her boy-toy plaything. But somehow I think women will get more out of the equally GLAAD friendly and far more romantic episode “Rejoined”, in which Jadzia Dax is reunited with the mate of one of her former hosts. That may not seem like such a big deal, except in her previous life Dax was a straight male and that mate, Lenara, is a decidedly hetero woman. Yet they can’t seem to escape their feelings for one another, and despite the cultural taboos and sexual walls between them, the two find themselves drawn inexorably together. Jadzia tries to abandon everything in a desperate bid to convince Lenara to stay with her, though in the end, they’re forced to part in tears.

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