After 45 Years It’s Time Women Embraced Star Trek, Starting With These 5 Episodes

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The Bond Between Parent And Child in Deep Space Nine’s The Visitor

If your girl’s a parent or even if she just loves and wants kids, this one will cut deep into her soul. Not just a great episode to hook your woman with, “The Visitor” is also one of the best episodes Star Trek has ever produced. It tackles all those emotional, heart-wrenching themes women are sure to love, while telling a complex and delicate story of time travel and family devotion. In it, Captain Ben Sisko is killed in space, but his son Jake refuses to believe his father’s gone. Jake then spends the next 80-years, against the advice of everyone around him, dedicating his life to bringing his father back. During one on the most soulful, wrenching, and emotional scenes ever captured on television, Jake finds his father as an old man, revealing to his parent that he wasted his own life in the pursuit of saving him, right before the now elderly Jake kills himself as part of his plan to save his dad, and dies in Ben Sisko’s trembling arms.

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