After 45 Years It’s Time Women Embraced Star Trek, Starting With These 5 Episodes

Family Ties in The Next Generation’s The Inner Light

Star Trek: The Next Generation may be the best Trek series, but it’s also the least romantic. You know it’s bad when the android is the character on the show with the most memorable, sexual liason (Tasha Yar? Yeah, Data hit that.). But in “The Inner Light” confirmed bachelor Captain Jean-Luc Picard is, thanks to some sci-fi mumbo jumbo your girlfriend won’t care about, instantly turned into a family man living on a far off alien planet. He lives out an entire life there, raising children, loving his wife, and learning to play the flute. It ends badly for the planet, and eventually Picard wakes up to discover that the decades he spent with the people he loved were simply memories of a dead civilization, being relived by him in his quarters. That doesn’t make it any less real to him, and the episode ends with a sad and empty Picard playing the music he learned in his other life, while mourning the family and loved ones he never had.

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