After 45 Years It’s Time Women Embraced Star Trek, Starting With These 5 Episodes

Vulcan PMS in Star Trek’s Amok Time

Even more than they love romance, chicks did drama. It’s that obsession with relationship drama that has kept daytime soap operas going for decades. Trust me, there aren’t any dudes watching them. That makes “Amok Time” the perfect episode for the girlfriend who loves a little upheaval in her personal life. In it, Spock starts to act a little irrationally, and we learn that Vulcan males have this crazy, hormonal mating cycle called Pon farr which forces them to return home and romance a pointy-eared girl… or else they go crazy and may start to kill everyone. Basically, it’s Vulcan PMS, and trust me, your lady will totally identify with much of this. Better still it ends up revolving around a bunch of complicated relationships. The girl Spock is supposed to get with doesn’t want him, he goes insane and in the process of fighting for his woman, Captain Kirk ends up dead. Or is he?

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