3D Printing Company Cubify Will Put Your Face On A Star Trek Figurine

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago


I used to have self-esteem issues when I was younger, and while I still think of myself in a negative manner, I can still look at myself in the mirror and think, “You’re doing all right.” On the other hand, if I had to look at a mirror image of myself as part of small inanimate object, I might just scream away the pessimism.

Taking cues from what would be the most fascinating and dangerous invention if it would ever be invented — Star Trek‘s replicator — the 3D printing company Cubify will put your face onto a Star Trek character’s figurine. Cubify is known mostly for phone cases, amazing guitars, and toy robots(!!!), but a recent merchandising deal made with the Star Trek franchise is opening up doors, from the middle of course, into licensed products. Honestly, it’s surprising this hasn’t been done before.

But, of course, the freaky interesting part is you can create your own personalized figurine, with your face on it. The mini-statue will be between 6-7 inchess tall, and it will have your face on it. Your face! This is what I fear in life, turning over in bed and waking up to me looking at myself with my hands casually behind my back. Though I do like how I look in that shirt.

Scott Harmon, of the content-publishing platform 3D Systems, has further good news for fans. “We will be adding additional crew characters from more recent series, like The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. And there are other things we hope to do over time, like the customization of accessories, and maybe even ship customization.” Which means I would then put my face on a gun, and on the Enterprise. Because in space…no one can hear you scream…at the size of my face on the bottom of a spaceship.

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