3 New John Carter Banners Featuring Woola, White Apes, And Tars Tarkas

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Hopefully you’ve seen the new John Carter trailer and realized this is a movie you have to see. But if, like me, you’re a fan of the books you might have a couple of reservations. These new character banners, for me, cover a lot of the good and the band about the new John Carter movie.

First here’s one of the two things (the other is Deja Thoris wearing clothes) I’m worried about: Woola. He’s the squat, cute little lump walking alongside John Carter in this banner:

This is the first live action movie done by the people at Pixar and, while nothing else in this movie looks Pixarian, Woola looks exactly like a Pixar character. He seems cute, but reading the books I never really pictured Woola as cute. I’m open to being convinced.

The other two banners highlight a lot of what looks amazing about the film. Tars Tarkas, John Carter’s Thark best friend gets his own poster and there’s one dedicated to Carter’s fight against the stunningly rendered White Apes as well…

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