2014’s Best Sci-Fi Movies: Brent’s Picks

By Brent McKnight | 6 years ago

Lucy8. Lucy

There are a lot of people out there who hated Luc Besson’s manic actioner Lucy, but quite a few of us loved this ludicrous artifact. It’s based on a flawed scientific idea, and the script doesn’t give star Scarlett Johansson much, if anything to do, but goddamn is this one bonkers movie. This is the French action auteur’s 2001, his Tree of Life, or at least his attempt to do something profound, even if the result is total insanity. Gleefully delirious, this is a nonstop roller coaster ride of a movie that jerks you this way and that, following the title character as she gains access to more and more of her brain until she’s flinging villains around like Darth Vader using the Force. Strange, funny, and always unpredictable, any time she run into a plot obstacle, Lucy just blows right through it, and the result is a frenetic blast.

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