2011 Hugo Award Winners

By Steve West | Published

This past weekend the Hugo Awards were given out at the World Science Fiction Convention in Reno. The awards, which are given out annually, recognize achievements in science fiction throughout the previous year. While not as prestigious as a Pulitzer, if you’re a sci-fi nerd looking for some new media to consume this year’s list of winners includes some fantastic stuff.

I find that fall for some reason is the best time to read sci-fi. I fell in love with Rendezvous with Rama as a teenager during Thanksgiving break, and I’m looking forward to the upcoming season for more sci-fi reading. The Hugo Awards offer me some direction with newer works, as I’m inclined to think so much of what hits the sci-fi shelf is not worth my time. So I trust to friends, luck, and established awards like these to show me the way. I already know how fantastic Inception and Doctor Who’s first half season finale are, so I’m willing to give Blackout/All Clear a chance come turkey cooking time this November.

If you’ve already partaken in some of the sci-fi goodness given a Hugo Award this year, let us know what you think. Is the time travelling story of Willis’ Blackout interesting, or just plain silly and convenient? Time travel as the main narrative focus is tricky as it gives the author too much freedom to “fix problems” with a built in MacGuffin with no real consequence to the main narrative.

Below is the list of Hugo Award Winners.

Best Novel: Blackout/All Clear by Connie Willis

Best Novella: The Lifecycle of Software Objects by Ted Chiang

Best Novelette: The Emperor of Mars by Allen M. Steele

Best Short Story: For Want of a Nail by Mary Robinette Kowal

Best Related Work: Chicks Dig Time Lords: A Celebration of Doctor Who by the Women Who Love It, edited by Lynne M. Thomas and Tara O’Shea

Best Graphic Story: Girl Genius, Volume 10: Agatha Heterodyne and the Guardian Muse, written by Phil and Kaja Foglio; art by Phil Foglio; colors by Cheyenne Wright

Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form: Inception, written and directed by Christopher Nolan

Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form: Doctor Who – “The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang,” written by Steven Moffat; directed by Toby Haynes

Best Editor, Short Form: Sheila Williams

Best Editor, Long Form: Lou Anders

Best Professional Artist: Shaun Tan

Best Semiprozine: Clarkesworld, edited by Neil Clarke, Cheryl Morgan, Sean Wallace; podcast directed by Kate Baker

Best Fanzine: The Drink Tank, edited by Christopher J Garcia and James Bacon

Best Fan Writer: Claire Brialey

Best Fan Artist: Brad W. Foster