16-Year-Old Shot While Re-Enacting The Walking Dead

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

I am of the firm belief that violence in the media is not to be blamed for the violent wrongdoings of the people that may or may not intake such media. A quick look at news around the world is a good reminder that people are inherently violent. It’s evolution. You know what else is evolutionary? Stupidity. And you need not look at anything but national news to figure that out.

16-year-old Trevor Hargrove from Fort Smith, Arkansas was non-fatally shot in his upper torso on Monday. Was he saving a family member from a murderous intruder? No. Was he an intruder, shot in self-defense by a frightened victim? Nope. He was shot by his 15-year-old friend while they were “playing a zombie game” with his twin brother. Of course!

Far be it for me to tell a 16-year-old that there are better things to do than run around pretending to be a zombie – that’s what bath salts are for – but what the fuck? Hargrove was apparently aping The Walking Dead‘s Daryl Dixon by aiming an empty bow at his friend Nico Sanders, when Sanders pulled out a gun he’d taken from his mother’s nightstand and pulled the trigger, nailing Hargrove just below the neck.

Experiment: If I ask you to pretend to play the drums, do you go out and find actual drumsticks and a drum and then act as if you’re playing it? No, you just mime it with your fingers, or you pick up a couple of pencils and go to town on whatever is nearby. Who needs a real gun in order to play a dumb fucking zombie chase game? And even then, why would you actually pull the trigger? Apparently this Sanders kid was part of a bigger game called “Ruin the Zombie Game and Possibly Your Friend’s Life With Absolute Dumbassery.”

Luckily, Hargrove appears to be okay as seen in the video below, having taken to Facebook to show off his wound and let people know he’s in good spirits. I certainly hope he realizes how lucky he is, and that whoever owns the gun has the sense to keep it in an undisclosed location from now on. Keep it away from this guy at all costs.

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