14-Foot-Tall AT-ST Costume Stomps Halloween

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

So far this Halloween the geek contingent has pulled out all the stops and done themselves proud. But this one, good lord, this one. We may have found the best of the best with this 14-foot-tall rendering of an imperial AT-ST walker from Return of the Jedi. And we’re not just saying that because of all of the news and hype surrounding Star Wars the last couple of days. This is just plain awesome.

Check out the costume in action.

One cool extra with wearing this costume is that you get to wear a head-to-toe black unitard, like a ninja. Who doesn’t want to dress up like a ninja on Halloween? It’s practically a holiday tradition.

Modeled after a toy (which I had as a kid, it was awesome), this costume took Star Wars enthusiast Scott Holden a full 10 months, using the toy as a blueprint. To achieve the appropriate balance between strength and functionality, the body is made out of corrugated plastic, PVC pipe, and Styrofoam. You can click here to see a detailed, step-by-step guide to the process Holden went through to craft his outfit. The level of detail and dedication involved is impressive.

What this costume really needs are some kids dressed as Ewoks attacking it from all directions as Holden trots through the neighborhood. As much as it would suck to see all of the hard work get destroyed, I want see this smashed between two giant logs. That would really complete the effect.

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