12 Monkeys: Four Ways Syfy’s TV Series Will Diverge From The Movie

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

StoweCassie Reynolds isn’t Kathryn Railly
Don’t get me wrong, Cassie sounds like she will be filling the same role that Kathryn did in the movie — a skeptic whose help Cole needs, and whom he must convince he’s not crazy. The watch thing should make that latter step a lot easier, as that’s the sort of crazy time travel shit even Dana Scully would have to acknowledge. Cole and Cassie also meet in roughly the same way, with Cole kidnapping her only to realize he’s arrived too early in the timeline, but there are definitely some important differences. In the movie she was a doctor at the mental institution a disoriented Cole is tossed into, and she spends much of the film trying to convince him his memories of the future are just delusions. In the series Cassie is instead a medical researcher. That’s a tweak that makes sense given that the story’s goal this time around is “save the future,” rather than merely “bring back some info from the past.”

In fact, one of the few clues Cole has as to how to change the timeline comes from Cassie…but not Cassie from 2009 (apparently that year serves as the “present” in the 12 Monkeys pilot). He’s got a “distorted recording of Reynolds, made in Cole’s future time” that seems to point to a chemical weapons manufacturer named Mason Frost as the source of the plague. So it seems that Cassie’s role in Cole’s quest was destined even before he made his voyage back in time.

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