12 Things We Loved About Doctor Who: Last Christmas

By David Wharton | 5 years ago

Elves2) The Elves (That’s Racist!)
While we’re on the subject of Santa, it wouldn’t be right for us to slight his two little hel — sorry, that’s offensive — his two helpers who happen to be somewhat shorter than average height. Whether they were taking a stand for Elf solidarity, showing off selfies with the actual, no-kidding North Pole, or pointing out Clara’s height-related hypocrisy, the diminutive duo were the most fun we’ve had with elves since Legolas challenged Gimli to a murder-off. Plus, you have to love their twisted application of Occam’s razor to the notion of Santa’s plausibility.

3) So Much Quoteworthiness
“I can commit several million housebreaks in one night dressed in a red suit with jingle bells, so of course I can get back into the infirmary.”

“There’s a horror movie named Alien? That’s really offensive. No wonder everybody keeps invading you.”

“You know what the big problem is in telling fantasy and reality apart? They’re both ridiculous.”

“It’s bigger on the inside.”

“My. Little. Pony.”

“Parts unsuitable for people under four.”

“It’s not often we upstaged on a rooftop.”

“Follow the Northern Lights. Yes, I remembered to turn them on!”

“You’re a dream who’s trying to save us?” “Shona, sweetheart, I’m Santa Claus. I think you just defined me!”

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