The 100 And The Tomorrow People Trailers Show Off The CW’s New Sci-Fi Series

By Rudie Obias | 7 years ago

This fall we’ll be getting a lot of promising science fiction shows such as Almost Human and Believe. Surprisingly, the network with the most new sci-fi shows is easily the CW. We’ve already gotten looks at these sci-fi outings, including Star-Crossed, but now the CW is giving us a closer look at The 100 and The Tomorrow People.

First up, The 100. The show’s premise sounds good on paper, but, just based on the extended trailer above, the execution may leave a lot to be desired. After a nuclear apocalypse, the world’s population was killed off, except for the people on 12 orbiting space stations. The 12 space stations combined into one working civilization, called “The Ark.” After three generations, population control has become a problem, so the Ark’s leaders decide to send 100 juvenile prisoners to the Earth’s surface to see if our planet is once again fit for human habitation.

The 100 has some familiar faces in its cast, including Henry Ian Cusick (Lost), Kelly Hu (The Vampire Diaries), Paige Turco (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze), and Isaiah Washington (Grey’s Anatomy), but the trailer looks really cheesy, with poor acting from its younger cast.

Again, the premise sounds really promising, but it just seems like The 100 will spin its wheels early in its series run. I mean, wouldn’t you want to send scientists and engineers to Earth instead of juvenile delinquents? Unless The Ark’s leaders just needed an excuse to ship out some annoying teenagers, it seems like an over-complicated plan for population control.

The CW has also released a new extended look at The Tomorrow People, which is a remake of the cult classic British series from the ’70s. The show follows a group of young adults who have strange superpowers, and a secret government organization that scours the Earth to track and hunt them down.

The premise sounds like a mix between The X-Men, Heroes, and Alphas, only set in high school. The TV series follows Stephen Jameson (Robbie Amell), a high school student who is just learning about his special powers. He ultimately becomes the key to the Tomorrow People’s survival. The Tomorrow People also features Peyton List (Smallville), Mark Pellegrino (Lost), and Aaron Yoo (Disturbia).

The Tomorrow People seems a little more fleshed out than The 100. It seems like the former will be more interesting to watch week after week than the latter. Which CW sci-fi TV series are you interested in watching? Star-Crossed, The 100, or The Tomorrow People…or none of the above?

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