The 100: What You Can Expect From Season 2

By Brent McKnight | 6 years ago

The 100Raven has a rough go: Raven (Lindsay Morgan) had a tough time in season one. She flew in improvised space craft to Earth, got her heart stomped on, and suffered various physical injuries. Morgan says, “I think it’s fascinating because Raven is such a capable person. Always in control, always knows what to do…I think it’s fascinating watching someone like that get confronted with new obstacles and challenges and having to really find in her soul, ‘how do I beat this?’ So, she may be broken, but I think it’s a beautiful thing because you get to see her rebuild herself. And you’re going to see that in a new light in Season 2.”

Twists, twists, and more twists: Though they didn’t reveal much, the cast and crew did tease a number of twists and unexpected turns. Whittle says, “We’re going to keep flipping it on its head,” while Avgeropoulos adds, “What you think is happening, it’s the complete opposite.”

Bostick even hinted at a bigger picture conspiracy kind of twist, saying, “We’re kind of incarcerated again, or are we?”

Dark and suspenseful: Season 1 of The 100 was darker than we expected, not afraid to get violent or kill off someone you thought was going to be a main character. It’s bleak and grim, more so than many of its CW counterparts, and not only will season 2 continue this, but up the ante. Whittle says, “It’s going to go really dark.”

But darkness isn’t all you can expect, there’s going to be more suspense to go around, which makes a great deal of sense. With the war, the arrival of the adults from the ark, all of the new factions that will be introduced, and the whole Mount Weather situation, there are tons of new elements and unknowns for the cast to deal with. Morgan says, “If you think Season 1 was nuts, Season 2 is definitely… get ready!”

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