The 10 Best Harley Quinn Comic Covers

By Sofia Yang | 1 year ago

Harley Quinn Best covers featured
Thanks to Suicide Squad Harley Quinn fever is officially on. As a comic collector, you hopefully had the good sense to stock up on Harley Quinn comic covers. She’s never been hotter and with more Suicide Squad and more Batman movies in the works, she’s going to stay hot for awhile.

These are the must have Harley Quinn comic book covers for any real collector.

Best harley quinn covers - Adam Hughes

Harley Quinn #1 (New 52) – Adam Hughes Variant

One of the rarest Harley Quin covers to appear, this is 1:10 variant came out during the New 52 relaunch of Harley Quinn. It is easily the most eye catching cover feautring the works of Adam Hughes. Ebay prices for this issue are easily beyond $100 in auctions. Actual copies available are only around 9,000 and that means this might be the rarest cover available in this list. If you are a Harley Quinn fan and still don’t have this cover, time to get it before prices sky rocket even higher!

Best harley quinn covers -suicide squad

Suicide Squad #1 (New 52)

This issue represents the first time Harley Quinn becomes part of the Suicide Squad. If nothing else, the historical significance of this issue makes it worth collecting. It also helps that her costume here is the one that most closely resemble the look sported by Margot Robbie in the Suicide Squad movie. It makes sense that this is a hit cover.  Prices for Suicide Squad #1 are starting to breach the $50 mark, get it before the prices get higher.

Best harley quinn covers -Alex Ross

Batman: Harley Quinn (One shot)

This is a classic. The style of this Batman: Harley Quinn one shot’s artwork is so iconic that the pose shown here has been reused by other cover artists since.  Currently, there are 3 printings of this cover, all of which featured the exact same picture. The only way to know that you’re getting a first print is to check the barcode on the back of the comic. Make sure the first digit along the barcode is 1 and not 2 or 3. Prices for an issue with a 1 on the barcode are creeping up to the $100 mark on Ebay, and its worth it for this cover gem.

Best harley quinn covers - batman adventures 12

Batman Adventures Vol 1 #12

This isn’t Harley Quinn’s best look, stuck in the background behind Batgirl and competing for cover space with Poison Ivy. But it is one of Harley’s most significant cover appearance, because it’s her first ever comic appearance. The character was first introduced on the Saturday morning cartoon series Batman: The Animated Series, but this is the moment where she became a part of Batman’s comic book world too. If you want this book, prepared to pay $400 for a near mint copy. It is THAT expensive!

Best harley quinn covers - batman adventures 16

Batman Adventures Vol 2 #16

You can’t beat a wedding cover and, featuring as it does two of the most badass villains of all time in Joker and Harley Quinn, this is one of the best.  A historical lesson here: One  reason why the Batman Adventures books are tougher to find is because they were sold mainly through newsstands and toy stores, rather than through comic book stores. As a result, most unsold copies have to be destroyed, as if they were a newspaper or a magazine and not a comic. So, you won’t find this lying around in abundance in any comic book shop, as they didn’t start out there and now there aren’t many left to end up there.

Best harley quinn covers -harley quinn 0

Harley Quinn #0 (New 52)

This is again a 1:25 variant that contains the origin of Harley Quinn in the new 52 DC comics universe. Not an easy book to find and it features a hammer wielding Harley Quinn. Fortunately, it is still a relatively affordable cover with prices around $20-30.

Best harley quinn covers - Detective comics 831

Detective Comics #831

Detective Comics #831 sports one of the more serious Harley Quinn comic covers that features the Batman as well. The black and white coloring is outstanding and best of all, it is really cheap. Yup, you can get this for cover price so run, don’t walk, to your comic book store before they vanish.

Best harley quinn covers - Harley Quinn 1

Harley Quinn One Shoe (Joker’s Asylum II)

A rare cover glimpse at a sinister looking Harley Quinn. Featuring a gorgeous cover that shows the evil side of the character, Harley Quinn One Shoe offers diversity from the more commonly seen goofy Harley Quinn covers. This is not an expensive cover to track down but one worthy of being in your collection.

Batgirl #39 Variant (New 52)

Best harley quinn covers - Batfgirl selfie variant

Batgirl #39 Variant (New 52)

I love the cheekiness of this Batgirl #39 cover. It is very modern take on a comic cover and uses the popular phone photography trend as a means to show our Harley Quinn being captured. A fun cover to own and not a very expensive one.

Best harley quinn covers - artgerm

Artgerm Harley Quinn Print

Saving my favorite Harley Quinn cover for the last, this image features the art of Artgerm, who is a fan favorite known for his portrayal of female characters. Unfortunately, this is one is not actually a comic cover, but you can buy it as an art print on eBay. I don’t under why DC comics didn’t use this!

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