10 Greatest Sci-Fi Found Footage Movies, Ranked

By Nick Venable | 6 years ago

project almanacDean Israelite’s twisty time travel thriller Project Almanac finally hit theaters this weekend after several delays, aiming to woo ticket buyers that are willing to watch MTV Films and Platinum Dunes do found footage with teenagers. Regardless of whether or not you go out to see it—producer Michael Bay is watching you, though—we’ve pulled together a list of the best sci-fi found footage and faux documentaries out there, just in case you need a second entry for a double feature. Or just something to keep your nightmares nice and light.

frankenstein's army
10. Frankenstein’s Army

It’s quite possible that I’ve touted Frankenstein’s Army more times than anyone but director Richard Raaphorst himself, but I absolutely love this bonkers approach to creature features. The plot—a group of Russian World War II soldiers stumble across the monstrous creations of a German madman—is less important than the insanity that comes from it. Karel Roden’s mad scientist is creating steampunk-ish zombies with giant pieces of machinery attached to reanimated corpses, and that’s where the admittedly ill-conceived (within the narrative) first-person P.O.V. comes in handy, as much of the film feels like a gleefully trashy video game that would rather have fun than change the face of cinema. It’s like a 90-minute horror attraction at Universal Studios.

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