10 Cancelled Sci-Fi TV Shows Netflix Should Bring Back Before Terra Nova

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago


It’s been almost a decade since Farscape last graced the airwaves, but it’s the show I would most love to see return, even more than Firefly. No other fictional universe has intrigued me like Farscape‘s, and I challenge you to find two leading actors with better chemistry together than Ben Browder and Claudia Black. Claudia has done lots of voiceover work and put in some TV appearances in recent years. Ben’s last recurring role was on Stargate SG-1. It’s criminal that these two didn’t become bigger stars after Farscape, so I’d love to see them back in the roles that made many fans fall in love with them. There has been talk of resurrecting it in some form over the years, including as webisodes, but the closest we’ve come is the ongoing comic series by Boom! Studios. Creator Rockne S. O’Bannon is at work on the CW pilot Cult, but assuming that doesn’t go to series I have a feeling he could be lured back to work on his baby again. Farscape still has a devoted fanbase even all these years later, and god knows it’s a better show than Terra Nova. Let’s make it happen, Netflix.

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