10 Cancelled Sci-Fi TV Shows Netflix Should Bring Back Before Terra Nova

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Star Trek

Thanks to the 2009 movie the Star Trek universe has really moved on since the cancellation of Enterprise in 2005. There’s another movie on the way but at some point Star Trek really needs to find a way to get back on television. Netflix might be the perfect place to do it, as an experimental outlet willing to test out more niche Trek series ideas while leaving room for some big network to swoop in and start a more traditional Trek series too. For instance some have suggested that the next Trek could try exploring the inner workings of lesser known parts of the universe, maybe an entire series based on examining the inner workings of the Federation Council. It would play out like West Wing but set in the future. Or perhaps a Trek series set entirely in the Klingon Empire, following the exploits of a Klingon crew aboard a Bird of Prey. Star Trek: Bird of Prey would be a badass name for a series. Meanwhile CBS would still be free to do a more traditional Trek series on their channels, letting these other ideas play out on Netflix in the hopes that one of them might take off.

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