10 Cancelled Sci-Fi TV Shows Netflix Should Bring Back Before Terra Nova

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago


This is the other Joss Whedon written and produced series cancelled by Fox and while it was never as popular as Firefly it would probably be even easier to resurrect. The show aired 27 episodes between 2009 and 2010 before being cancelled, leaving the story of a beautiful brainwashed spy (played by Eliza Dushku) and the secret corporation she works for, unfinished. Unlike a lot of the other shows on this list Dollhouse doesn’t quire a lot of outer space effects. They don’t even really need to bring back Eliza Dushku. Any resurrection of the series could easily pick up the story of some other Doll from the Dollhouse and carry on from there. At its peak Dollhouse earned around 4.63 million viewers, roughly as many as the already in Netflix production (and likely to be more expensive to make given the cast) Arrested Development. Dollhouse may be the easiest show on this list to re-produce and with the loyalty of Joss Whedon fans to support it, this should be an incredibly attractive property for Netflix resurrection consideration.

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