The 10 Best Alternate Universes In Sci-Fi

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Walternate’s World as seen on Fringe
Fringe is all about the alternate reality, it’s an integral part of the series. We’re slowly introduced to the parallel universe until finally it’s revealed that Walter Bishop broke through in order to steal the other version of his son, who died in “our” reality. It’s the classic sci-fi version of an alternate dimension in that it’s slightly different, but a lot is the same. The most interesting part of the alternate is “Walternate,” the other Walter Bishop. Our Walter is a genius, but because of some deliberate brain trauma he is a bit addled. It’s an endearing trait, but we see why Walter would want to curb his natural proclivities with the revelation of Walternate being so power hungry and sometimes evil.

Although evil is relative, because the things that those in the alternate universe do is to protect their world. It’s the interconnection and constant movement from each reality that makes Fringe so great at this common sci-fi trope. The two worlds ended up having to work together, giving the show a dual reality that’s a joy to watch. It almost never gets confusing, and that alone is a huge achievement.

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