Woman Wakes To Find Neighbor’s Missing Snake In Bed With Her

A woman in England was horrified when she awoke to a snake in her bed lying at her feet.

By James Brizuela | Published

People often experience their worst fears at the worst moment possible, and that is what happened to a woman named Tasha Lane, who was awoken by a snake slithering around with her in bed. Tasha and her boyfriend Reece had been asleep in bed when Tasha felt something by her feet, which wasn’t the usual fur from her dog. Tasha investigated and leaped out of bed, alerting the rest of the house and Reece’s mother to come racing in to discover what the commotion was about.

The snake belongs to a neighbor named Jade Forester, who had been missing the reptile for months, thinking that the animal was going to be long gone by now. Reece’s mother called Jade to alert her of the animal being found. Jade revealed the snake’s name is 10k (corr) and is a corn snake, which also happens to be nearly as long as a king bed. We would imagine anyone waking up to find that size of a snake would have been screaming their heads off.

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Jade also revealed that the corn snake they had been missing belonged to her son, who was devastated when the animal went missing. She also stated that the family tore up the house looking for the reptile, even removing the skirt boards in the downstairs area in case it was able to slither its way behind those. The family had posted about the snake being missing on Facebook and completely forgot about it after three weeks of not being able to locate the animal.

Thankfully, the corn snake lacks functional venom, so Tasha and Reece were in no real danger in case the animal decided to bite one of them. Well, apart from being scared to go to sleep at night lest they find another reptile slinking its way through their bedsheets. We would imagine that would form some sort of PTSD that would last for quite a bit from discovering an animal that wasn’t their dog sleeping with them.

We imagine that the snake was searching for some kind of warmth and snuggling in with two people and a dog was likely providing the reptile with all the necessary heat it required during these cold winter months. What makes this situation kind of comical is that the dog was not alerted or bothered by the fact that a snake had decided to nuzzle in for a snooze. Dogs are usually meant to guard the house or be alerted of any danger first, and Tasha and Reece’s dog seemed to be fine with sharing the bed with a friend.

Tasha believes that the snake likely got into their house when someone had opened the hatch to the attic, and we would imagine the animal was either stuck in there or decided to just stay in the house because it was warm. We don’t want to worry Tasha too much more, but a snake being able to survive in a house for three months likely also means that there are mice in that attic.