See A Woman Drag A Massive Snake From Underneath Her Car

By Tyler Pisapia | 9 seconds ago


A woman in Florida recently proved that living in the south takes a special kind of person, one that isn’t afraid to tango with a massive python snake when it tries to steal your car. In a new video shared on TikTok by the Python Cowboy, a wildlife trapper and animal handler, a woman drags an absolutely huge snake out from underneath her car. The thing’s big enough that it not on probably could’ve stolen the car, it might’ve had it as a snack later.

The video shows a woman in an apron and skirt that is referred to affectionately by the cameraman as “ma” is seen in her garage holding the tail end of an incredibly large snake. Its size is further shown when the professional moves over to the back right wheel of the white sedan and grabs its head. It’s hard to tell from the video but the cameraman believes he saw the man get bit when he approached the animal. You can see the video below.

After securing the head, the professional is forced to let it go so that it can be pulled out from the back of the car by its tail. When the time comes, the renegade and impossibly brave mother simply walks that giant bad boy out from under her vehicle before casually handing it over to the Python Cowboy for safekeeping. Another day, another massive snake was captured and another Florida mom proved that they are the dominant species on planet Earth — sorry Great White Sharks and other murderous humans. 

According to his website, The Python Cowboy is not just some rogue animal enthusiast who is more willing than the average person to come and wrangle a snake trying its hand at grand theft auto. He is owner and operator of the Martin County Trapping & Wildlife Rescue, which specializes in dealing with dangerous and humane removal of nuisance animals and other forms of wildlife like raccoons and, yes, gigantic python snakes. 

The Python Cowboy provides a surprisingly useful public service to the people of Florida since the residents of the state find themselves dealing with snakes and other large, dangerous animals more often than most. In fact, although it’s not directly stated, the snake in the most recent viral TikTok video appears to be a Burmese python.

That particular breed of snake is causing a problem in South Florida, particularly in Everglades National Park. The problem is that the breed of snake is not native to the area. It’s likely that a private pet collector or someone similar brought the species of snake to the area and then either let it go or lost it, allowing it to breed and permeate through the area for the past several years.

snake python

According to the U.S. Geological Service, the snakes are competing with native wildlife for food, such as mammals like rabbits and foxes as well as other reptiles and more. Thanks in large part to the Burmese python, mammal populations in the area have dipped dramatically, causing other species who feed on those mammals or rely on their presence to change as well. The problem is so bad that a 2012 study revealed that populations of raccoons had dropped 99.3 percent, opossums 98.9 percent and bobcats 87.5 percent since 1997. Marsh rabbits, cottontail rabbits, and foxes are basically not even a thing in South Florida anymore. 

The moral of the story is simple. If you don’t want to be fishing snakes out from under your car every other day, don’t introduce a non-native species to your local state’s ecosystem. Seriously, just rescue a dog or something if you want a dang pet.