What’s Better Than Nachos? Nachos In Space.

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

In my opinion, you can improve pretty much any concept by adding “in space” to the end of it. Birthdays…in space. Water balloon fights…in space. And, of course, food…in space. Because the simply daily act of eating becomes a far more interesting challenge when you can’t rely on your food to stay on the plate, and an unexpected sneeze could send your chicken kiev ricocheting off of sensitive equipment.

We’ve seen all sorts of fascinating things beamed back home from the International Space Station, from a full tour to a demonstration of how water works in microgravity. Now NASA Commander Chris Hadfield has pitched in with a look at what passes for your three hots (cot not included) up on the ISS. First: nachos!


Here’s Hadfield’s recipe for space nachos: “…corn chip, salsa, mushroom pate and jalapeno, floating weightless.” Nachos seem like a solid choice for dining in orbit, since the the salsa and pate can help spackle everything together on the way to your gullet. Other foods have to be kept a bit more restrained. Here’s what’s for breakfast…


That one doesn’t look nearly as appetizing as the nacho, but that may just be me. Naturally, a bowl of cereal requires a whole different approach without that comforting Earth gravity, which means you get “[corn] flakes in a bag with powdered milk, coffee through a straw.” I wonder if that’s basic coffee or something fancy and Starbucks-y. Either way, I can’t be the only one who thinks it would be really odd drinking a hot beverage through a straw. And where the hell’s all the Tang, man?

Commander Hadfield is currently a Flight Engineer assigned to the ISS. If you liked these pics, be sure to follow his Twitter feed for more astronaut shenanigans.

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