Watch Star Wars Uncut: Fans Unite To Crowdsource Their Own Galaxy Far Far Away

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Back in 2009 a bunch of Star Wars fans got together and set out to create the ultimate fan film. The idea was to assign a few seconds of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope to different groups of people, then stitch it all together into one complete retelling of the classic Lucasfilm movie with every part of it done by completely different people in different styles.

Now it’s finished and available to watch online for free.

Held together chiefly by an abiding love of all things Star Wars, Star Wars Uncut is probably best viewed as a window into the minds of Star Wars fans, and less of a window itself. But it’s worth a look. Watch…

It’s worth noting that they’ve actually used a lot of copyrighted Lucasfilm material in here. Most of the images are generated by fans, but the opening crawl is taken straight from Star Wars and they use all of John Williams’ iconic music as the soundtrack. Actually the Williams music is essential, since that (aside from the love) is what really holds the whole thing together while they’re flipping between actors and styles.

In a perfect world this would be absolutely acceptable and legal, but as we all know after the SOPA protests this week, copyright law is a complete and total mess. Something like this should be allowed to exist, but don’t be surprised if copyright lawyers find a way to sue it out of existence.

Enjoy it while it lasts.