Watch Star Wars Dogs Bark The Imperial March

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

You no doubt remember that Volkswagen Super Bowl commercial in which a little boy dresses up as Darth Vader and wanders around the house trying to use the force on things, to the tune of the Imperial March. Apparently this wasn’t just a one off thing for Volkswagen and now they’re using Star Wars as part of a whole marketing campaign to promote their cars.

Here’s the company’s newest Star Wars themed video. In this one dogs bark the Imperial March. I’m particularly fond of the one dressed as an Ewok. Watch…

This is cute but… in an environment where Lucasfilm has been known to sue fans out of existence for using their brand without permission, it’s kind of weird that Volkswagen can get away with something so basically ridiculous. I mean, dressing a dog up as a AT-AT can’t exactly be all that good for the Lucasfilm brand, can it?

Volkswagen takes the whole thing even further on their Star Wars microsite where they appropriate the classic Star Wars crawl to advertising their impending Super Bowl ads. Expect more Force using fun from them soon.