Watch Neil de Grasse Tyson School Jon Stewart On Asteroid Mining While Solving A Rubik’s Cube

By Josh Tyler | Published

We’ve been talking a lot this week about the plan of a new company called Planetary Resources. Backed by such luminaries as the founders of Google and mega-director James Cameron, they intend to break the bonds of Earths atmosphere in search of profit. They’re mining asteroids.

This sounds pretty awesome, but maybe it’s too good to be true? Jon Stewart asked that very question last night on The Daily Show, and to get a real answer, he brought in astrophysicist Neil de Grasse Tyson for what is apparently going to be a new Daily Show segment called “Bulls*t or No Bullsh*t”.

Here’s the full segment. Neil comes in at the end to serve up some legitimate wisdom…

The best part of Neil de Grasse’s appearance is that he really is solving a Rubik’s Cube while he does it. Without looking! Pretty incredible. It doesn’t hurt to know that the asteroid mining thing has the Tyson seal of approval either, though it still sounds too awesome to be true.