Watch Gay Stormtroopers In Love Argue Imperial Politics

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

The Star Wars movies do a lot of really wonderful things, but I wouldn’t describe them as particularly progressive. Aside from that gold bikini Princess Leia wore back in Jedi, they’re even kind of puritanical. Even people who live in the middle of a goddamn desert wear heavy attire that hides every inch of skin. Lando is the only person in the galaxy who isn’t white, and people are mostly obsessed with either capitalism or an ancient hokey religion. Even the rebels aren’t exactly that rebellious. Only men actually fight and women all seem to spend most of their time on elaborate and unnecessary hairdos.

I’m pretty sure Obi Wan was a Republican.

But that’s just the side of Star Wars George Lucas is willing to show us. Somewhere out in the galaxy there must be people of different skin tones and maybe even a few gay guys. In fact this video presents the idea that there were two of them hanging out on the Death Star when the Rebels attacked it, arguing over the merits of their continued employment by a regime which won’t allow them to come out of the closet. Take a look…