Watch The DeLorean Hovercraft In Action

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

Have you ever wanted to fly through space and time in Doc Brown’s DeLorean Time Machine from Back to the Future? Well, sorry to get your hopes up, but inventor Matthew Riese didn’t build an actual flying time machine. He did, however, spend years constructing a DeLorean Hovercraft replica that rips through the water instead of flying through the air.

Matthew Riese is a 28-year-old inventor from San Francisco, California. He turned to Kickstarter two years ago to help make his dreams a reality. His Kickstarter project is now closed, but the page is still available to see the incentives he offered possible donors, ranging from your name engraved on the interior of the floating car to a 30-minute ride on the open water. Check out his Kickstarter video:

After raising $5,644, Riese put the finishing touches on his dream car. It took Riese four years from conceiving the project to finally making its debut in San Francisco Bay in 2012. The DeLorean Hovercraft is registered with the California DMV as a boat and not a car, and it has the top speed of 45 MPH. Sadly, this isn’t fast enough to get to the required 88 MPH to successfully travel through time.

The Delorean Hovercraft was spotted on Fox Sports in McCovey Cove near AT&T Park during a Rockies and Giants’ baseball game in San Francisco Bay. Check out the footage…

This is likely the closest we’ll get to seeing a real flying DeLorean, but who knows? Maybe one day, someone on Kickstarter will propose a project to build the real thing. That would be a very good day!

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