Try On Virtual Clothing With This Innovative Japanese Mirror

By Nick Venable | Published

mirrorWhen I was a kid, the future seemed like it would be full of amazing developments, such as fusion power, robot servants, and flying cars. (And, by extension, a sprocket company started by a man named Spacely.) But if the future only equates to “clothing stores where half-naked women stand in front of virtual mirrors,” I probably wouldn’t spend too much time complaining.

Things probably won’t end up that way, but the mirror idea is seemingly legit, and because it’s Japanese, you know that “legit” can also mean “fucking insane.” Digital Fashion Co. recently showcased their Active Lab, a digital dressing room that would allow users to try on a variety of different clothes without ever having to touch any fabric.

Like museum or theme park exhibits that put you “inside the game” or whatever, the Active Lab mirror overlays your body with a 360-degree 3D representation of whatever article of clothing you happen to pick out. Turn in circles and the clothes (awkwardly) turn with you, giving you the most realistic pseudo-fashion show you’ve ever experienced. When you want to change clothes, it’s a gesture-based flip through a closet of outfits, so all you’ll have to touch is the ground you’re standing on. And presumably a slap across the face for any onlookers whose presence has suddenly become obvious and disconcerting, and he’s also wearing my clothes and answers to my name for some reason. Check out a video of the mirror in action, and realize that while it does look kind of buggy, this is the first edition.

We’ve been impressed by sci-fi themed sexy clothes and by science-themed sexy clothes, but this may be the first time the clothes aren’t the sexy part. The sexy part is actually not having to think about putting on clothing that other people may have previously worn.