See The Bizarre Upside Down Lightning That Has Scientists Baffled

Space is certainly a strange thing, and now scientists have become baffled by the occurrences of upside-down lightning that is apparently stronger than normal lightning.

By James Brizuela | Published

upside-down lightning

If we were to ask you, have you seen a gigantic jet? You would probably say yes. However, the aircraft known as a jet is not what we are talking about. There is an upside-down lightning bolt that has struck our planet, which has been scientifically categorized as a gigantic jet. This aerial phenomenon has only been captured a few times, but it has scientists completely baffled about what is causing this strange occurrence. This reverse lightning bolt had apparently touched the edge of space. You can see an image below:

What makes this occurrence that much more dangerous is that these upside-down lightning bolts are much stronger than the typical lightning bolts that strike our planet. How much stronger? Scientists have theorized they are around 100 times stronger. We have all heard tales of people being struck by lightning and walking away, but something tells us that if you were struck by a gigantic jet, you wouldn’t survive. The gigantic jets carry 300 coulombs of electrical charge, making them 100 times stronger than the normal bolts of lightning that we are accustomed to seeing in storms. Over the past two decades, gigantic jets were captured on camera accidentally by the public, leaving it harder for scientists to truly study what is going on. The above images were captured in Oklahoma in May of 2018.

One of the biggest instances of seeing this upside-down lightning was caught by a passenger on an airplane traveling to India. The passenger caught the occurrence on their mobile phone around Bhadrak, India. The upside-down lightning seems to be caught to the airplane’s wing, but it stretches out into a web of red light into Earth’s ionosphere. Based on images taken by random people at the time of the occurrences, scientists have used those images to gather data and determine what is happening with these gigantic jets. What is even odder, is they seem to occur where there is a large volume of instrumentation. Satellites and lightning-mapping system areas have been known to pick up these gigantic jets. Maybe some other lifeform is using our equipment to make a long-distance call?

A strong theory is that normal lightning storms are created by a combination of what are known as leaders and streamers. Leaders are a result of differential electrical charges occurring that develop lightning, and streamers are the tips of those bolts that then strike the planet. However, this upside-down lightning seemingly starts from the opposite way, above the storm clouds. The negative energy from these storms might just be storing itself too much from the clouds and shooting into the sky to the ionosphere. These phenomena could determine that storm clouds are being formed in space and then traveling to earth. Well, that might be a bit of a stretch of the imagination, but it would be groundbreaking if found to be true.

Upside-down lightning is far more dangerous in terms of power, so if you find yourself staring at the lightning that seems to be coming from above a storm cloud, find shelter. There is no record of anyone beings struck by a gigantic jet, but we can assume no one wants to be the first to experience it. We don’t think you would walk away from a lightning strike that is 300 times more powerful than the normal ones.