United States Military Admits Costly Mistake Made In UFO Shootout

The military reports that one fo the fighter jets that shot down a UFO over Lake Huron missed on its first try, losing a sidewinder missile to the bottom of the lake in the process.

By Melissa Murphy | Published


Since February 4th, three UFOs (aka UAPs) and a Chinese spy balloon have been shot down by U.S. fighter jets over North America. The most recent one, shot down over Lake Huron, according to MSN, caused some trouble for the military. Despite appearing to have no ability to propel itself, it took two Sidewinder missiles to take the object out, with the first one missing it completely.  

That proved to be a costly mistake for the United States military with one missile costing a whopping $400,000, which is now sitting uselessly at the bottom of Lake Huron. It is not clear how the F-16 pilot managed to miss the target, especially considering the object likely had no ability to move on its own. When the costs of running the expensive F-16 jet and the two Sidewinder missiles are considered, the military spent almost $1 million just to take out a single UFO.

Residents of the Lake Huron area can at least know that nearly every precaution was taken to ensure their safety. Before shooting down one of these flying objects, the military makes a careful analysis of the debris field. Usually, it’s best to wait until the object makes it over open water, as seen with the Chinese spy balloon shot down off the coast of South Carolina, to minimize the risk to civilians. 

In early February, word got out of a large Chinese spy balloon making its way across the United States. While this appeared to be a strange anomaly, the coming weeks brought numerous other sightings of unidentified objects to the public’s attention. The Lake Huron UFO comes as only the most recent object to be shot down over North America.

Just days after the Chinese spy balloon was brought down, President Biden ordered a UFO to be shot down off the coast of Alaska. Another was taken out over the Yukon by the U.S. military on February 11th. Poor weather conditions have been reportedly hampering the recovery mission of these objects, however, the White House maintains that the most recent three have no connection to the Chinese spy program. 


While there is no word yet on where these UFOs are coming from or what their purpose might be, basic descriptions of the objects were released. The first is reported to be the size of a small car and cylindrical in shape while the most recent shot down in Lake Huron was described as an octagon with strings hanging off the side. The Yukon UFO was revealed to be a small balloon with a payload tethered behind. 

The recent uptick in UFO sightings has led many to wonder what is sparking their sudden appearance. Members of the U.S. Navy have shared testimony revealing that seeing these strange objects was a regular occurrence in their time flying fighter jets around North America. Some point to the sensitive radar systems picking up more after being turned up in response to the Chinese spy balloon. 

Much about these strange UFOs has been kept secret to date, leaving many to wonder what they really are, where they came from, and if we could be seeing more in the coming weeks.